Compensation Design

Compensation Design

We support organizations with their compensation design.

What this might look like for your organization…

W&G can create design base pay bands by:

  • Developing pay structure design alternatives, target bonus recommendations and modelling design scenarios based on your compensation philosophy.
  • Providing an analysis of the employee impact and cost of base pay band recommendations.
  • Proposing recommendations for compensation priorities based on organizational priorities and budget.

W&G can design short and long-term incentive (bonus) plans by:

  • Meeting with senior leadership to uncover goals, values and vision for the organization.
  • Defining a plan for incentive design that best aligns organizational needs and culture.
  • Defining the scope, framework and priorities for incentive plan design.
  • Providing market research on incentive targets by job level and role.
  • Supporting senior leadership in defining the criteria and frequency for evaluating performance.
  • Helping to identify incentive plan metrics, including business goals, individual performance targets, objectives and key results.
  • Determining rating scale (if applicable).
  • Finalizing incentive plan documents and communications.