Job Evaluation & Job Description Support

Job Evaluation & Job Description Support

We provide job evaluation and job description support to organizations.

What this might look like for your organization…

W&G can support with job evaluation requests by:

  • Evaluating roles using our unbiased expertise and experience with job evaluation.
  • Providing expert level advice and rationale regarding job evaluation and grade/level outcome.
  • Improving the consistency and accuracy of job evaluation.
  • Improving job evaluation response times.
  • Recommending efficiencies to the job evaluation process.
  • Supporting the communication of grade/level results.
  • Documenting job evaluation procedures and processes.

W&G can lead job evaluation projects and initiatives by:

  • Creating a project plan and identifying milestones for successful job evaluation implementation.
  • Establishing communication touchpoints with stakeholders.
  • Providing support in identifying benchmark roles.
  • Establishing evaluation outcomes for benchmark roles.
  • Evaluating all roles utilizing comparator jobs to ensure internal equity.
  • Identifying the impact of job evaluations on employees.
  • Preparing rationales to explain evaluation outcomes.
  • Developing job evaluation tools, training and communication.
  • Leading the communication of job evaluation grade outcomes.
  • Recommending a process for ongoing job evaluation requests.
  • Developing job evaluation guidelines.

W&G can provide job description writing and template design by:

  • Creating customized job description templates.
  • Developing a job analysis questionnaire (JAQ) to gather role requirements.
  • Supporting leaders in identifying job requirements and writing job descriptions.
  • Creating a grade matrix to clearly define role requirements and core functions.
  • Developing standardized job descriptions for common roles.