Compensation Infrastructure

Compensation Infrastructure

We support organizations by building their compensation infrastructure.

What this might look like for your organization…

W&G can design and articulate your total rewards philosophy by:

  • Completing a discovery of current compensation and incentive offerings by reviewing existing compensation practices, job descriptions, employee data, market data and any analysis completed to date.
  • Providing recommendations regarding your compensation philosophy and approach considering your business strategy, compensation/HR philosophy, culture, values, and competitive market practice for your industry and stage of growth.
  • Creating a total rewards philosophy and practices for your organization to successfully articulate the philosophy and guide future decision making and communication that will ensure your philosophy comes to life within your organization.

W&G can create a job level framework to be utilized across your organization by:

  • Creating a robust job level framework where the level of the role is determined by what is required for the role, independent from the employee in the role.
  • Developing a systematic process for internally levelling roles within your organization using a consistent set of criteria.
  • Using current job documentation and leader input, to align and evaluate roles based on framework.

W&G can provide guidance in your organizational design by:

  • Leading organizational structure initiatives with leaders to design structures that meet the needs of the organization and their objectives.
  • Designing processes and guidelines for completing organizational structure changes specific to the organization’s and/or collective agreement(s) needs.
  • Working with HR Business partners and leaders to create re-organizational communication practices.